Se full versjon : Looking for donor kids who have met their genetic fathers

15-02-2010, 09:42

We are two journalist students from Denmark who are making
our final exam to get our title as journalists.

We've decided to make a website with articles, video,
sounds and photographs about donor kids who meet
their genetic donor fathers.

We would like to get in contact with donor kids from
e.g. Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Sweden or England
(countries that Denmark usually compares itself to) to make
a portrait of the kids who had the opportunity to meet
their genetic father.

In Denmark the Danes can only be inseminated in the official system by an anonymous donor. That means that Danish donor kids are not given the same possibilities to meet their genetic father as we see in the
countries listed above.

We want to qualify the Danish debate by telling what
actually happens, when donor and donor kid meet with one
another. Today the Danish debate is only based on guessing.

Our ambition is to make a portrait of three different donor
kids, who have met their genetic fathers. Our focus is
on explaining the donor kid's search for identity to the
danish people.

Our plan is to ask them if we could visit them in their
home country and make an interview.

These specific stories have not been told in Denmark yet,
but with your help we might be able to change that.

We are aware that most of the kids at
Ønskebarn might be very young. But perhaps you know
some other kids who had the opportunity to meet their
genetic fathers.

We are looking forward to hear from you.

Best Regards,
Andreas Nilsson & Julie Rode Nygaard
Julie Rode Nygaard
Danish School of Journalism

Mail: julierode@mail.djh.dk
PH: +45 27 28 57 83